Northstar Equine Foundation, Inc.

General donations to the Foundation are held in escrow for future needy animals and enable us to provide emergency veterinary assistance when needed.  Thank you so very much for your help with these tragic and traumatic cases. 

Northstar Equine Foundation, Inc.
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Providing Help and Hope to Animals in Need...
Following the brutal torture of a horse named Northstar, the Northstar Equine Foundation was formed to provide financial and physical assistance to critically abused, neglected and/or injured animals and to become a catalyst to strengthen the animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania.  We are a registered 501(c)3 organization and donations to our organization are tax-deductible, ID #46-0876636.  

WARNING:  Some photos may be graphic and disturbing


Petey is an 6 month old American Bulldog mix pup that was rescued by a good samaritan who saw him on a classified ad as a free pet.  Because of his breed, she became concerned that he would be used as a bait dog in one of the abundant fighting rings in the area.  Described as a "gentle soul", Petey would not have lasted long in the ring.

Petey settled in to his new world extremely well and proved to be a fine addition of the house.  Playful and kind, Petey found his furever home with his rescuer.

Petey and his two-legged mom were playing tag and he was zooming around the house, when he fell on the stairs and suffered a severe and complicated fracture of his hind leg. Heart-broken, his mom rushed him to the ER.  Xrays revealed that Petey had broken his leg on a growth plate.  The leg was casted, but the vet advised that Petey would need surgery to repair the damaged bone, or he would face what could be a lifetime of pain and disability.

Petey's owner was referred to us for financial aid by Precious Paws in Franklin, PA.  After review of her application, of course we said "YES, LET'S HELP FIX PETEY!"

We made Petey an appointment for 10/13 at Camboro Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Sliker, the orthopedic magician that fixed one of our alumni cats named Phoenix.  We will be providing funding for Petey and need your help to get the cost of his surgery covered.

If you can help, please visit our paypal link at 

Donations may also be mailed to us at PO Box 3918, Erie, PA  16508